What is SSN?

Secret Story Network is a series of live interactive stories that take place on smartphones and tablets in a chat app. The handheld stories are role player games led by a story conductor in which the audience actively participate.

It’s like Dungeons and Dragons but without the massive rule book.

How do I play?

You can play by:

1 – Joining the Network

2 – You will get story info sent to you

3 – You join using instructions into a WhatsApp group where the story will take place at the arranged time

Are there any rules?

In the Secret Story Network there are three rules:

1 – Make the story excellent

2 – Enjoy yourself

3 – Be Tolerant

That means… let’s work together to make a great story and experience for us all.

Do not be afraid for your characters, their story and anything they want to do. The experience will permanently end after an hour or two. Take risks. Have fun. Abandon your comfort zone.

Be tolerant of others views and experiences, but also be tolerant and accept that the play might take us into areas that are uncomfortable.

Who are you?

SSN is run by various people across a few different countries.

The project is run by Bellyfeel in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University and a number of different story conductors.

When do stories happen?

We’re running stories through August 2020 – then again later in September 2020.

And more will follow.

Keep an eye on the stories page and join the Network to stay up to date with all upcoming stories.

Can I run an SSN story?

Maybe – it’s not that tricky – get in touch and we’ll help you – you might even get a copy of our Playbook!

Who, what, why, where, how and when?

Ahhhh - those sort of questions – try our infrequently asked questions...